Spark Clear Aligners Reviews: Are They Worth the Cost?

Spark clear aligners, the latest innovation from Ormco™, represent a significant advancement in orthodontic treatment. Crafted with TruGEN™ technology, they offer: 

  • Exceptional clarity
  • Comfort
  • Effectiveness in guiding tooth movement.

Notably, they prioritize safety by being free from harmful substances like BPA and latex. Spark clear aligners operate under a doctor-directed alignment approach, ensuring personalized treatment plans administered by accredited orthodontists. While they boast numerous benefits, including enhanced comfort and clarity, they also come with considerations such as cost and limited availability. Real-world testimonials highlight their effectiveness, positioning Spark aligners as a noteworthy contender in the realm of clear aligner options.

What are Spark aligners?

Spark clear aligners are the latest advancement in clear teeth aligners by Ormco™, a renowned global leader in orthodontic solutions. Crafted with TruGEN™, a state-of-the-art material, Spark aligners offer unparalleled comfort, clarity, and resistance to staining compared to other aligner options on the market.

Ormco™ claims that Spark clear aligners, featuring patented TruGEN™ material, boast polished surfaces with uniquely scalloped edges, ensuring a supremely comfortable treatment journey. Additionally, these aligners are exceptionally clear, minimizing the typical discoloration associated with other clear aligner brands.

spark clear aligners

Moreover, Spark aligners prioritize safety and health, being entirely free from BPA, mercury, latex, and phthalates, eliminating any concerns regarding allergic reactions or adverse effects.

Beyond their superior material and safety standards, Spark clear aligners are engineered for optimal efficiency and effectiveness in guiding tooth movement, promising a smoother and more expedient treatment experience.

How does it work?

Spark clear aligners operate under a doctor-directed alignment approach, which is believed to ensure the highest standard of treatment. To begin your journey with Spark aligners, you’ll need to locate an accredited dentist from their list of authorized providers.

Notably, not all dentists are licensed to offer Spark aligners. Only orthodontists with extensive experience and specialized training are authorized by the company to administer Spark aligners, ensuring they possess the expertise and resources needed for effective treatment.

Upon finding an accredited Spark clear aligners provider, they will start by taking precise 3D scans of your mouth to generate an accurate digital model of your teeth. Using these scans, the orthodontist will then present you with a simulation of your anticipated smile post-Spark treatment. Once you approve the projected outcome, your aligners will be crafted in the lab using cutting-edge machinery and meticulously hand-trimmed for optimal comfort.

Throughout your treatment journey, your orthodontist will closely monitor your progress, ensuring that every step is carefully managed until the completion of your treatment.

Spark clear aligners before and after results

Though relatively new to the market, the availability of extensive Spark aligners before-and-after results online may be limited. However, the existing examples unequivocally demonstrate the efficacy of the product.

aligners before and afterbefore and afterspark aligners before and after

Spark clear aligners: benefits and drawbacks

Before delving into the pros and cons of Spark aligners, it’s important to understand their impact on orthodontic treatment. Here’s an overview of the key aspects to consider when evaluating Spark aligners:


Exceptional clarity: Spark clear aligners are nearly invisible, surpassing competitors in terms of transparency.

Cutting-edge technology: Utilizing TruGEN™, the latest in clear aligner technology, Spark aligners offer heightened effectiveness.

Enhanced comfort: Compared to other leading clear aligner brands, Spark aligners prioritize comfort, providing a more pleasant wearing experience.

Personalized treatment: Doctor-guided alignment ensures tailored treatment plans and superior service quality.


High cost: The expense of Spark treatment may exceed that of other prominent clear aligner brands.

Limited availability: Access to Spark aligners is restricted to accredited orthodontists, limiting treatment options.

Geographic constraints: Currently, Spark aligners are only accessible in select regions, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and China.

What do Spark aligners treat?

Spark clear aligners are designed to address a range of mild to moderate dental misalignments, similar to other prominent clear aligner brands. Conditions effectively treated by Spark aligners include:

  • Crowding
  • Crossbite
  • Open bite
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Deep bite
  • Spacing

However, it’s essential to note that eligibility for Spark clear aligners is subject to individual case assessment by qualified orthodontists. Not every individual may qualify for Spark treatment, as candidacy is determined based on the specific dental condition and treatment requirements. Therefore, a thorough review by Spark orthodontists is necessary to confirm suitability for aligner treatment.

Spark Aligners vs. Invisalign

Invisalign has been one of the best invisible braces brands in the market for decades now. However, with the emergence of Spark aligners, there’s potential for some healthy competition.

Reviews of Spark clear aligners suggest their effectiveness, raising the possibility of them challenging Invisalign’s dominance. As advancements in human anatomy are continually made, opportunities for enhancing orthodontic treatments arise, and Ormco™ has aimed to capitalize on these with Spark aligners.

Here are some distinctions between Spark aligners and Invisalign.

Spark vs Invisalign

How much do Spark clear aligners cost?

The cost of Spark aligners, similar to Invisalign, varies based on several factors:

  • The severity of your condition
  • The geographical location of your chosen clinic
  • The experience and pricing structure of the dentist or orthodontist
  • Your insurance coverage

These variables collectively determine the total cost of your treatment. Typically, you can expect to invest around $3,000 or more for Spark aligners treatment.

While Spark aligners may not be among the most economical options for invisible braces, their effectiveness, comfort, clarity, and treatment duration make them a worthwhile investment.

What do customers say about spark clear aligners?

Since its introduction just over a year ago, Spark clear aligners have garnered enthusiastic endorsement from its users. Esteemed orthodontists who have firsthand experience with the product have lauded its effectiveness, comfort, and clarity.

Here are some testimonials and reviews from Spark aligners users:


Spark clear aligners: overall rating

Here’s an overview of the overall rating for Spark Aligners, taking all factors into consideration:


Spark Aligners, leveraging its TruGEN™ technology, excels in achieving desired results. Esteemed orthodontists have commended its efficacy in efficiently shifting teeth to desired positions within a notably brief timeframe.


While Spark Aligners may not boast the most competitive pricing among clear aligner options, its adoption of cutting-edge technology, shorter treatment duration, and enhanced effectiveness justify its overall cost.


Laughland stands out for its convenience on multiple fronts. Users can utilize the product entirely from home without requiring a dentist’s intervention. Only five minutes of daily usage is necessary, enhancing user convenience. Additionally, the inclusion of an Android/Apple adapter further streamlines the usage experience.

Customer Service:

Accessing customer service channels with Spark Aligners can be challenging, limited to only their Facebook and Instagram handles. Engaging with the company for inquiries necessitates first finding a local provider through their website, which can be cumbersome compared to competitors offering more accessible communication avenues like online chat support.


Spark Aligners boast exceptional clarity among “clear aligners” reviewed, credited to the TruGEN™ material’s thinner composition compared to previous iterations, resulting in heightened transparency.


Spark Clear Aligners by Ormco™ offer a promising alternative in the realm of orthodontic treatment. Their utilization of TruGEN™ technology ensures exceptional clarity, comfort, and effectiveness, making them a compelling option for individuals seeking discreet teeth alignment solutions. While their higher cost and limited availability may pose challenges, the overall benefits, including personalized treatment plans and superior service quality, justify the investment for many. Despite some drawbacks, Spark Aligners present a noteworthy contender in the ever-evolving landscape of clear aligner options.


  • Can you eat with your Spark aligners in?

No. It is highly recommended that you take off your clear aligners before consuming any food or colored drinks. Ensure to brush your teeth before putting them back on.

  • How do you clean Spark aligners?

You can use a soft-bristle toothbrush to clean the insides of your aligners. Some options to consider are antibacterial soap & water, non-abrasive toothpaste, or simply using hot water.

  • Does Spark have an age limit?

No. There are options for all age limits as long as the patient has developed a set of permanent teeth. This includes teenagers and adults.

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