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2024 NewSmile Review: Top Aligner Choice in Australia

Unlocking a confident smile has never been easier, thanks to NewSmile’s innovative approach to teeth straightening. In this NewSmile review, we explore the effectiveness of their aligners, a top-tier solution revolutionizing the dental industry in Australia. Offering discreet, affordable, and convenient treatment options, NewSmile provides a perfect smile without the hassle of traditional braces. From their day and night aligners to personalized treatment plans supervised by licensed professionals, discover how NewSmile is transforming smiles across the country with its dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

NewSmile benefits

  • Less noticeable: NewSmile aligners are designed to be subtle and less visible compared to traditional braces, offering a discreet teeth straightening solution.
  • Removable: The aligners can be easily removed for eating, drinking, and oral hygiene, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Cost-effective: NewSmile aligners may cost up to 75% less than traditional braces, making teeth straightening more accessible.
  • Efficient treatment time: With an average treatment time of four to six months, NewSmile offers a relatively quick path to a straighter smile.
  • Additional inclusions: The treatment comes with retainers and whitening included, enhancing the value of the offering.
  • Professional oversight: A licensed dentist or orthodontist reviews molds and creates personalized treatment plans for each user.
  • Convenience: The entire process, from taking impressions to undergoing treatment, can be done from the comfort of one’s home.
  • Continuous support: Customers receive ongoing support and regular check-ins throughout their treatment journey to ensure satisfactory progress.

NewSmile aligners

NewSmile day time & night time dental aligners

In this NewSmile review, you can explore how the brand offers dental aligners to cater to the unique preferences and lifestyles of their customers. With a focus on providing discreet, effective, and convenient teeth straightening solutions, NewSmile presents options that accommodate both day and night usage of their aligners. The brand emphasizes providing a straightforward and user-friendly experience, ensuring customers can embark on their teeth-straightening journey with ease and confidence.

Offering products:

Product typeDescriptionMore info
Day alignersDesigned for all-day wear, providing continuous alignment throughout daily activities.Learn more
Night alignersDesigned for nighttime use, it offers a discreet option to straighten teeth while sleeping.Learn more

How do I get started with NewSmile

From assessing your eligibility to receiving your custom-made aligners, every step is designed to be user-friendly and supportive. NewSmile review lets you delve into a step-by-step guide, ensuring you have all the information you need to navigate through NewSmile’s teeth-aligning journey.

Scope of treatment

NewSmile aligners can treat various dental alignment issues, primarily focusing on cases that are mild to moderate in nature. The treatment aims to provide a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional braces, enabling individuals to enhance their smiles with ease.

Mild to moderate misalignments

NewSmile aligners effectively correct mild to moderate teeth misalignments, which typically involve minor spacing issues or slightly crooked teeth. The aligners work to gradually shift the teeth into a more aesthetically pleasing position, enhancing the overall appearance of the smile. However, it’s crucial to note that for more severe misalignments or complex orthodontic cases, alternative interventions may be required.

Cosmetic corrections

The aligners, as highlighted in this NewSmile review, are particularly suitable for cosmetic corrections. Individuals seeking to enhance the aesthetic appearance of their smile, especially focusing on the visible front teeth, may find NewSmile to be a suitable option. The aligners work progressively to adjust the teeth, ensuring a subtler and aesthetically pleasing alignment.

Not suitable for complex cases

NewSmile aligners may not be the optimal solution for complex orthodontic cases that involve severe misalignments, significant overbites/underbites, or require multi-faceted orthodontic intervention. In such instances, traditional braces or Invisalign under the supervision of an orthodontist might be recommended.

*Note: Lack of comprehensive in-person assessment

In a thorough NewSmile review, it’s imperative to address the limitations inherent in its remote treatment approach. Unlike traditional dental services, NewSmile operates without comprehensive in-person assessments. Instead, treatment plans rely solely on the molds and photographs users provide, potentially overlooking certain dental issues that could be detected through hands-on examination. While NewSmile offers convenience, users must understand the importance of supplementing its services with periodic in-person check-ups to ensure thorough dental care.

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NewSmile average treatment time

They offer a structured treatment plan to help users achieve a straighter smile. The average treatment time is designed to be efficient, providing noticeable results in a relatively short period. The treatment duration can vary depending on the complexity of the dental misalignment and the specific product chosen – Day Aligners or Night Aligners.

Day time aligners

NewSmile’s Day Aligners, as explored in this NewSmile review, are meant to be worn throughout the day, providing continuous alignment to your teeth. This option is designed for individuals who prefer a consistent, day-long treatment approach to straighten their teeth. The average treatment time for Day Aligners is typically around 4-6 months, but it can vary based on the individual’s specific dental needs and adherence to the recommended wear time.

Night time aligners

Alternatively, NewSmile also offers Night aligners, which are designed to be worn during the evening and night, providing a more discreet method of treatment that doesn’t interfere with your day-to-day activities. Night aligners may require a longer treatment period compared to the Day aligners due to the reduced wear time per day. To explore more about Night aligners, you can check their dedicated page.

Aligner typeAverage treatment timeWear timeSuitability
Day time aligners4-6 monthsThroughout the dayThose preferring continuous treatment
Night time alignersMay varyNight-time onlyThose seeking a discreet option

*Individual treatment times may vary, and it is always recommended to follow the personalized treatment plan provided by NewSmile to achieve optimal results. Always consult with your assigned dental professional during your treatment journey to ensure everything is progressing as it should.

NewSmile cost

Ensuring a straighter smile is accessible to everyone, NewSmile provides various pricing options for their aligner treatments. Whether you opt for day or night aligners, in this NewSmile review, you’ll find that NewSmile ensures there are pricing and financing options available to suit different budgets and preferences. Below is a detailed table outlining the costs and features of both Day Time and Night Aligners:

Aligner TypeInitial PriceDiscounted PriceTreatment DurationWear TimeKey FeatureFinancing Option
Day Time Aligners$2,499$2,3994-6 months22 hours a dayFast treatment time$26.66/fortnight, no interest for 36 months
Night Aligners$2,599$2,4998-10 months10 continuous hoursDiscreet straightening$28.04/fortnight, no interest for 36 months

*Note: Prices and financing options are subject to change. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, please refer directly to the NewSmile website.



NewSmile vs. competitors

As you can see, NewSmile offers a significantly lower price compared to both traditional braces and Invisalign. Additionally, NewSmile provides the NewSmile® Monitoring App to monitor progress and offer assistance.


What customers are saying

  • Positive feedback:
    • Customers have expressed satisfaction with the affordability of NewSmile aligners.
    • The convenience of the home impression kit and the entire treatment process being manageable from home have been highlighted.
    • Some customers have noted visible improvements in their smiles within a few months.
    • The customer service team has been praised for being helpful and responsive.
    • Users have appreciated the availability of a payment plan, making the treatment financially accessible.
  • Negative feedback:
    • There have been instances where customers faced delays in receiving their aligners.
    • Some customers experienced difficulties with the impression kit, finding the instructions to be unclear.
    • A few users mentioned that they did not observe significant changes even after following the treatment plan diligently.


From Trustpilot:

  • Positive feedback:
    • Customers have appreciated the effective communication and support from the NewSmile team.
    • The ease of use of the product and the straightforward process have been highlighted.
    • Users have expressed satisfaction with the visible results and improvements in their smiles.
  • Negative feedback:
    • Some customers have faced issues with shipping and receiving their orders.
    • There have been instances where users found the aligners to be uncomfortable or causing soreness.
    • A few customers expressed dissatisfaction with the customer service, citing unresponsiveness in some cases.

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